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I started to up my water intake. What a difference. I’m more alert, less tired, and sleep better. Drink close to half you’re body weight in ounces of water each day. Hydrating is a huge benefit to you organs and most importantly; the brain. The human brain is around 65% water. So let it flow. Your urine should be clear. If its not you need more water. Water helps the body shrink the fat cell. Most of the time hunger is confused with simply being thirsty. You want to lose weight faster? Increase your water intake.

“You’ll see it when you believe it”. I love that saying. You have to imprint the vision in your mind first. Visualization works. You want a smaller you? See it first. You want a toned body? See it first. You have a weight loss goal? Keep it in front of you. I have pictures of what I want in front of me. I stare at them for 15 minutes a day. The subconscious mind is the most powerful tool we have. Visualizing is the workout for the subconscious mind.

There are certain foods and liquids that are designed to actually help your body burn fat while you are at rest. MUFA’s (monunsaturated fatty acids and high fiber foods do just that. Your body is all yours. You are in charge so why not be the architect of the body you need? The body has triggers and switches that click on when you eat and drink certain things. Green Tea turns on this switch, grapefruit has a natural fat burning kernal as part of its makeup, avocados, nuts, and olive oil are more of the same “trigger” foods. One of the best liquids is plain old water. Hydrating the organs triggers the gall bladder, liver, pancreas and kidneys to help the body shrink that fat cell. Its these constant daily foods and liquids we ingest that assist the fat burning process. To learn more grab my food and diet plans from smallsfitness.com.

I think as I get older it gets worse. Felling down, feeling not as powerful and invincible as usual. I now meditate and chant every morning to get me out of the woods every morning. Around 4 or 5 am it hits me. Everything negative in my life and every misstep I every took comes at me but like a prizefighter I have to get off the stool in the corner and come out fighting. Then I go workout and I get stronger and more confident. The beauty is I know the more I practice positive mindset training the negative thoughts in the morning will go away forever or if they stay I’m more powerful to deal with them. Do whatever it takes to change your mind to bright thoughts. Make the choice to try. Its not easy but you can do it.

The weather is changing in most regions of the United States. Your body has to be ready to adapt to the change in temperature and precipitation. To lose weight during this shift in weather, drink more water! Increase vitamin C and leafy greens. In cold regions like where I’m from in the Northeastern United States the weather is already cold and rainy. I do cardio outside in this weather because its helps the body acclimate faster. I increase weight sessions and water intake. I pop more vitamin C and grab ginger and honey from the market. I make a ginger and honey tea with some lemon to get ahead of toll the weather will take on my immune system. I hate being sick!!! The ginger cuts down the body’s natural tendency to become inflamed. Tissue Inflammation leads to sickness.!! Have fun! more to come!